• I have a GE Fanuc 90-30 series PLC in a Spectra Panelboard.
    Our panelboard was instaled on 1998; the PLC batery and UPS backup fail at same time and we loss the program. Now the emergency generator didn´t work in automatic function.

    How can I do to recover the PLC program to reinstal it?
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  • Russ

    How to use the Community Video...

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    This how to use the Community Video should be a link at the top of each Community Page.
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  • JWait1452269944

    I/O faultTable

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    I have written software for my company that allows for different configurations of our final product with various amounts of added features. The higher end units call for additional expansion units attached to a Micro 23 PLC.  When I download the software and on each power up, an error is logged into the I/O Fault Table "%AI00024 loss of exp unit".  The software runs just fine which is the intent but I am wondering will this fault create a problem ( unit failure ) after a long period ?  That is, will it be necessary to connect to the unit and through Proficy clear the fault table ? Or will this type of fault just be ignored and never creat a problem.
    Is there a way to clear the fault tables with a command in the ladder logic ?
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  • Hello, I try to retrieve information from a cimplicty trend. I like to retrieve the starttime and duration. These parameters I like to use to show in the trendscreen the minimum, maximum and average value of the trendpen. The value's are coming from iHistorian.

    So I like to use retrieved information to put in the following expressions.
    HistAv("\\<Historian connection ID>\<TagID>",<Timestamp>,<Span>)
    HistMin("\\<Historian connection ID>\<TagID>",<Timestamp>,<Span>)
    HistMax("\\<Historian connection ID>\<TagID>",<Timestamp>,<Span>)
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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to assign a range of colors to an animation? I'm looking at a temperature and would like to see the colors change fro cool blue to red hot. Coud someone let me know if this is possible in iFix 5.8?

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  • I have a dynamo on Fix32 that controls a valve I would like to use on ifix5.5 but I can't get it to work.  I converted the pic file over to 5.5 and used script converter when I go to run mode all the faceplate shows is datadatadata when I open vb to look at the script it looks to have converted the script. I went to vb an compiled picture and clicked on run and it comes up with a popup macros. I don't know alot about writing scipt
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  • A test cell for a customer has been having a reoccuring issue where the SQL Server stops logging data from Cimplicty Datalogger.  So the background is that the customers computer harddrive became full two weeks ago which caused their points to stop saving to csv files and the sql database to fill up.  I deleted unused items on their drive, purged the sql databases and moved old csv data files to an external harddrive.  Since then the logging seems to fault around 3-6pm everyday and since this is a 24 hour test area they are losing a lot of data.  

    The only fault I seem to find is in the SQL alarm log.  
    Alarm Message: Process PTDL_RP Terminated on ComputerName Process Name MAC_PTDL

    From the time this alarm happens SQL does not have any data until I stop and start cimplicity.  The logging starts to work right after cimplicity is restarted. 


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