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    upgrade project

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    Can an unlicensed version of Workbench be used to upgrade a project or does the lack of a license limit that functionality?
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  • In iFix5.8 if we make systemmenu to False from property window, left side logo also going off.(on title bar iFix logo)
    But in iFix 5.5,if we make systemmenu to False only 3 buttons are going off,the logo remains on title bar.
    Is there any way to remove/disable that logo in a aprticular window?
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  • Cimplicity Version 9.0 SIM 13
    With this new version, when I restart the project on the server, every workstation pops up a message with the above warning.
    Each workstation has to manually clear the message.This didn't happen previously.
    Is there any way to prevent the dialog message from appearing?

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  • I want to be able to see the implicity references inside of a SHIFTR_WORD in PME 7.0 logic developer I have tried using datawatch but when I enter the reference address that are not defined (starting address for the register) I only get ??? in the data watch value column.  Does anyone know how to actively monitor the values?
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    Best Answer chosen by bill2bhappy
    Assign the variable associated with the starting address a dimension equal to the length of the SHIFTR_WORD instruction instead of the default dimension of 1. Then all elements of the array will show up in the data watch window.
    Or, you can create a custom reference view table to show all the addresses you need.
    Tue May 03 01:19:21 GMT 2016 1 0
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  • I have a GE Fanuc 90-30 series PLC in a Spectra Panelboard.
    Our panelboard was instaled on 1998; the PLC batery and UPS backup fail at same time and we loss the program. Now the emergency generator didn´t work in automatic function.

    How can I do to recover the PLC program to reinstal it?
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  • Russ

    How to use the Community Video...

    posted in Knowledge Center
    This how to use the Community Video should be a link at the top of each Community Page.
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