• All of a sudden i started getting the above message when trying to run a project. I am trying to run data logger. and all i did was enable data Table logging
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  • HI,

    We are running iFix 5.8 and we are getting the following issue.

    When we run the client (for remote access to ifix screens) it works as expected.  When a user tries to close it we get the following error message.

    Error number: - 2147212760 (80042228)
    Insufficient security rights to shutdown this program

    This is a new installation of ifix.  Our current installation works as expected i.e. they can close the client.  I have copied over the security from the old to new, so it should work.  We have a viewall security group which has the workspace runtime application feature applied to it.  This is the group that normal users will have.  We also have an admin account that has all of the security features and if a user with this group is used they can close the client.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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  • Does anyone have expeirence with iFix 5.8 and supporting multiple clocks on Windows 10?  I am looking at a scenario where the customer would like data time-stamped to UTC, but display a local time on the HMI screens.
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  • 200mV


    posted in iFIX
    Hello again message board...

    I have a quick question I am not sure the answer to, is it "best practice" to run multiple schedules in the background server or should all schedules be combined into one schedule in the background server?

    I'm guessing it probably doesn't matter, but I was wondering if there is a performance increase with having them in one schedule.

    I can see it cleaning up the tree navigation...

    Any input helps!
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