• I have a Cimplicity  install that I am having a problem with installing a license ( keyless). I noticed that there nolinger is the Proficy Common folder on the start menu. I installed a keyless license but Cimplicity tells me there is none. showlicense also tells me there is none. Any help with this ?
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  • Recently my username and password stopped working. Was given a link by support to change them for the latest update. Works fine on the website, but when I try to get updates through the update notification software it asks for my credentials for support.ge-ip.com. Neither my old information or my new information will work. Help.
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  • Hi all,

    I'm using the alarm file service to log all my alarms to a txt format in my application.
    this works good but there also alarms in from the OPC connection:
    OPC-Unable to add item #### to group,...

    It happens when there is a time out in connection and we're also using tags in or PDB that are invalid for this moment.
    (sometimes the PLC is powered of or there is a download to PLC)
    We're in a test environment and that's the reason of the time-out's and some invalid tags.

    because there are so much alarms(an alarm for every tag') of the OPC connection it's really not readable anymore.
    Is there a way to filter them out? Or it even doesn't need to be logged. I don't need any of these communication alarms.

    I'm using powertool and communication is OPC.
    Ifix V5.8
    Already thanks!

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  • I receive a "run-time error '9': Subscript out of range" when I launch excel with the Historian Add-In enabled.  I cannot debug this error because it is in the iHistorian.xla file from GE and is locked.  This error is only an annoyance; once it is acknolwedged, I can run my VBA queries just fine by referencing the iHistorian.xla file.  However, I plan on installing this Add-In on other users' laptops.  I need to resolve this issue before this project reaches it's conclusion.

    I have no issues on a VM of Windows Server 2008 R2 with the Historian 4.5 Add-In.  This is a test server and is communicating with a Historian server located on the same VM.
    My colleague has no issue running Historian 5.5 Add-In on a Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit laptop.
    I supposedly have an identical setup with my colleague, but have tried both 4.5 and 5.5 Add-Ins; both generate this error on excel launch.
    I have ONLY installed the Add-In on my laptop (I don't recall if I installed Administrator on the other machines or not).  We both communicate with a remote Historian production server.

    Does anyone have a clue as to why this is occurring and what the resolution could be?
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  • I have a chart that looks at data from an iHistorian server that works perfectly well on the main SCADA server, but when I deploy the graphics to a remote view node with an iClient Thick Runtime license, the chart isn't connectiong to the iHistorian server.
    I can ping the server and using Netdiag I can see that it has the correct IP for the iHistorian server, but Con Handle is 0x0 and Status is 1914.
    Any idea what this means or what I need to check? My network diagnostics skills are minimal to none.
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  • Is there a way to clear a Modbus TCP channel that has the above status word without cycling power to the PLC?
    I am using COMMREQ's to continuously read and write on 2 separate channels(CH1 for Read and CH2 for Write). Channel 1 has an open status of 1, but the Read COMMREQ was zero and not executing for some reason. It was working when I left it about a week ago.
    I am using a RX3i CPU310 with an ETM001 module. F/W on the CPU is 6.01.
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