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    No email notifications when someone answers my question – This has been resolved.
    Error caused when trying to copy and paste into posts – I would like some feedback to confirm this is now working.

    Others we are evaluating and working on –
    Ability to see which product that a question is posted to.
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    Expanded drop down box for selecting product when posting a question.
    Issues with posting images.
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  • on our new upgrade i was wondering if DomainTime II is supported on clients running iFIX 5.5 w/desktop and iFIX 5.8 on Windows 7 32/64
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  • The error shows in Cimplicity 8.2 SIM27 to 8.2 SIM39.  The error looks like:

    Error opening screen with HAV object

    Clicking OK makes it even worse as it shows me the following errors:

    subsequent errors issued by Historical Alarm Viewer object
    The final result is that CimView seems to have lost the link to the ActiveX object as it shows me a cross at the place where the Historical Alarm Viewer object should be.

    As I said the problem shows only now and then especially at times when the computer is busy at the time the screen is called AND whilst the screen is not available in the screen cache. Also: CimView does NOT recover from this situation. The only way is to restart CimView.exe.

    Any ideas ?


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  • Hi all,

    I have a question about historian 5.5. I'm pretty new to historian.
    I use Ifix 5.8 and classic historian 5.5. I thought that with classic historian you could log like 100 tags for 130 days?

    when i check my historian database it seems to be limited to 32 tags. Do i need to create multiple collectors or how does it work?
    In my pdb i can define more tags to historian but they don't appear in my historian database.

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  • We are running iFIX 5.8 with OPC20iFIX.1 OPC server. We are using the OPCInt PI interface with this OPC server. All the point types for AI, AO, DI and DO are working fine. When we try adding a DR or an AR data type point to PI the OPC20iFIX.1 OPC server will crash. I looked at the configuration of the points in PI and they appear to be correct. I am wondering what would cause the OPC20iFIX.1 server to crash because of the REGISTER type point in PDB as opposed to AI, DI, etc.  Thanks for any help!!
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  • I have hit a brick wall here.  Can you offer any assistance?    When logging into the multiuser server from a client installed on the same machine as the server, I can connect.  When using a remote client on the network, I get the error depicted below.  I can reach the multiserver Admin from the remote machine.
    If I browse to http://remoteservername:11099/ (the server on which the multiuser server is hosted.)  The browser returns the following text
    ¬ísrjava.rmi.MarshalledObject|½—ícü>Ihash[locBytest[B[objBytesq~xpï:our[B¬óøTàxp)¬íthttp://usatxdaw244:8083/q~q~uq~Ĭísr org.jnp.server.NamingServer_Stubxrjava.rmi.server.RemoteStubéþÜÉ‹áexrjava.rmi.server.RemoteObjectÓa´‘ a3xpw8 UnicastRef2©Edx�ê± +R¨ËYý€x
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