• I have a dynamo on Fix32 that controls a valve I would like to use on ifix5.5 but I can't get it to work.  I converted the pic file over to 5.5 and used script converter when I go to run mode all the faceplate shows is datadatadata when I open vb to look at the script it looks to have converted the script. I went to vb an compiled picture and clicked on run and it comes up with a popup macros. I don't know alot about writing scipt
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  • A test cell for a customer has been having a reoccuring issue where the SQL Server stops logging data from Cimplicty Datalogger.  So the background is that the customers computer harddrive became full two weeks ago which caused their points to stop saving to csv files and the sql database to fill up.  I deleted unused items on their drive, purged the sql databases and moved old csv data files to an external harddrive.  Since then the logging seems to fault around 3-6pm everyday and since this is a 24 hour test area they are losing a lot of data.  

    The only fault I seem to find is in the SQL alarm log.  
    Alarm Message: Process PTDL_RP Terminated on ComputerName Process Name MAC_PTDL

    From the time this alarm happens SQL does not have any data until I stop and start cimplicity.  The logging starts to work right after cimplicity is restarted. 


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  • Hi,
    I am using a faceplate for all my valves in different screens, and I want to display the selected valve data on the faceplate. I want to ask how do I proceed to add a text that will display the tag name of the valve each time I open the faceplate for different valves?
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  • I do see that there are below columns which does not exists anymore in PA 6.2
     - Original_Product
     - Applied_Product
     - Event_Status 
     - TimeStamp

    However, as per the PA help file, these columns are part of Resultset 10. Is there any change in rsultset 10 after PA 6.0 + and the details are not updated in help file or still the old resultset is correct? If thats the case then what about the missing columns.
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  • I get this when I try to initiate dynamic mode on the server.
    Verision is: 9.0 R2 SIM 13
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    It doesn't matter which user you used to log in to the server. Check the Cimplicity user you logged in on the cimplicity project (you can check this in the loginpanel) and verify that this user has the right permissions...
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  • When I activate my application the upper left and right corner is blurred and has a whitish spot – like if the monitor is bad. But is also shown on a remote screen – so it is not related to the physical monitor.

    If I open a Windows Explorer and open the project folder – then the white spot disappears in the iFix….?!?
    Has anybody ever seen such a thing?
    There are no SIMs installed – and the local iFix-support suggests that I install SIMs – in general because they recommend it – but also to see if this fixes this issue.

    I would prefer only to install SIMs that specifically targets my problem. Any suggestions?
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