• Hello,

    We currently process to commissionning of a Siemens Sinamic S110 VFD(Variable frequency drive) Profinet attached to a RX3i CPE310 with a IC695PNC001.
    I added the Siemens S110 VFD to my RX3i project with the supplied GSDML file (version 2.2) from Siemens.

    I successfully configured the VFD in Hardware configuration (2 Siemens Telegram exchange: 390 and 111) and assigned %AI and %AQ register to the VFD. 
    I can read data from the VFD (ex: error code on local VFD display panel is the same I read in the PLC).

    My issue is about the Controller Fault Table, that shows this fault :
    "Valid module substitution" -> Group 11, Error code 81 , Informational (the device still works even with this fault).
    I got this fault 4 times, all linked to the the VFD Profinet IO-device.
    The information in the IC695PNC001 user manuel about this error code is limited.
    See below the screenshot of the controller fault table ( I removed the device name from the screenshot).
    Controller fault table - Profinet IO-Device (Siemens VFD)
    Controller fault table - Profinet IO-Device (Siemens VFD) 2
    --> I would like to know if someone got this kind of fault code when adding a 3rd party (non-GEIP device) Profinet IO-Device  and if there is a solution to remove this fault from the Controller fault table.

    Our setup:
    -1xRX3i CPE310
    -1x IC695ETM001
    -4x IC694BEM331 (Genius Bus Controller)
    -1x IC695PNC001
    -- Profinet IO-Devices:
    --- 7 VersaPoint Profinet Scanner (IC220PNS001) (Include VersaPoint I/O AND VersaSafe Controller/IO)
    --- 1 Siemens Sinamics S110 Profinet
    --- Within the next 6 month, we will install a RX3i Profinet Remote IO Scanner (IC695PNS001) but it's not yet added in the PLC Hardware Config.

    -Proficy Machine Edition 8.5 SIM10.

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  • AOliv1457018013

    Exception in thread

    posted in Real Time Information Portal
    When trying to login into the RTIP I get this exception, on the Java console:

    Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-2" java.lang.NullPointerException
        at com.gefanuc.proficyrtip.apps.startup.StartupLoginManager.loginNewUser(Unknown Source)
        at com.gefanuc.proficyrtip.apps.startup.StartupLoginManager.processLogin(Unknown Source)
        at com.gefanuc.proficyrtip.client.dialogs.login.LoginDialog.sendEvent(Unknown Source)
        at com.gefanuc.proficyrtip.client.dialogs.login.LoginDialog.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)

    And the connection does not perform.
    How do I solve?
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  • Hello,
    I am trying to configure a Quickpanel to display information from an EATON C441CB with C441T Ethernet Module. The problem is, the Ethernet I/O driver in ME doesn't seem to have support for this type of ethernet IP communication. With AB RXLogix, communication setup with this device using Quick Connect required only the information found on the product manual page: class, configuration, assembly instance, etc.

    Does anyone know a method to communicate to the C441T?

    The product manual can be found at: http://www.eaton.com/ecm/idcplg?IdcService=GET_FILE&allowInterrupt=1&RevisionSelectionMethod=LatestReleased&noSaveAs=0&Rendition=Primary&dDocName=MN04200002E

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    It appears you're trying to set up the system for the QP+ to be the control engine. Your initial post suggests you really only need it to be an HMI, since you said you want to display data from the Eaton device. If that is the case, just add the HMI component to the QP+ target and select the Modbus TCP/IP ethernet communications driver from the list of "View OPC drivers" under the "PLC Access drivers" in the navigator window. There is also a "Native" Modbus TCP driver but I've found the OPC driver to be significantly more flexible in allowing you to adapt to the way the remote device has implemented Modbus.
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  • I use 90-30 series PLC's in my designs I have a customer requirement to supply a 3d model to include the control cabinet wiring. Everything is done but the PLC model. None of the 13 part numbers I searched on this site shows up in either 3D or 2D. Does anyone know where I can find what I am looking for?
    IC695PSA040, IC693PWR330, IC695CPU315, IC695ACC302, IC695ETM001, IC693MDL645, IC693ALG221, IC693MDL930, IC695CHS012, IC695LRE001, IC694CHS392, IC693CBL300,  IC693ACC307.

    Thank you
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  • Cimplicity 8.2 SIM39
    Trying to debug a script in Program Editor using the Watch window.  Point values come up as hex numbers (e.g. &H01EE7D58).  How can I covert these values to make any sense out of them?  I tried converting using several online converters but none equal the value shown in the Point Control Panel.
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  • WDean1460738982

    upgrade project

    posted in CIMPLICITY
    Can an unlicensed version of Workbench be used to upgrade a project or does the lack of a license limit that functionality?
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  • In iFix5.8 if we make systemmenu to False from property window, left side logo also going off.(on title bar iFix logo)
    But in iFix 5.5,if we make systemmenu to False only 3 buttons are going off,the logo remains on title bar.
    Is there any way to remove/disable that logo in a aprticular window?
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