• Workspace size increase a lot which leads to stop the ifix workspace ater some days due to high memory usage.
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  • Hello everyone,

    i am migrating a 3.5 system to a new 5.8 system.
    in the process i solve a whole lot of bugs to be a bit cleaner when i release the new network.

    one of the (minor) bugs is.. that i have a filename named "maimenu.grf".
    i inserted an extra "n" in the filename (via ifix workspace), operation went well.

    what doesnt operate smoothly are the other 800 pictures that cant find "maimenu.grf" anymore.
    opening the files one by one in workspace and search thru vba-script is due to time consumption not an option.
    i tried to do a mass replace in notepad++ (replace in all files of a directory), but all the files went corrupt and could not open them in workspace anymore..

    is there somebody out there who knows a solution to this?
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  • UMaqs1460386343


    posted in CIMPLICITY
    I am Currently working on GE SCADA system CIMPLICITY.
    I have few questions about it please give your valuable answers.
    Q.1 if I have a project backup of SCADA,How can I know that which version of CIMPLICTY Software is used for the developmemt of Project?
    Q.2 Why server demands to retry to connect when using EGD power tool?
    Q.3 Proper documentaion for WEB view/Thin view enable?
    Q.4 How to liscence the CIMPLICITY to terminate the 2 hour demonstration?

    Waiting for the prompt replies................
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  • Good morning,
    I need upgrade a Cimplicity v6.10 project to v8.2.
    My actual license is  "Server Runtime 75 I/O" +  "Recipe" option

    I have the license SN (for 75 I/O) but i don't know if I need the upgrade for "Recipe" option to v8.2?  In this case how i can request license and recipe option upgrade?

    Thank you.  
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  • HI,

    We are running iFix 5.8 and we are getting the following issue.

    When we run the client (for remote access to ifix screens) it works as expected.  When a user tries to close it we get the following error message.

    Error number: - 2147212760 (80042228)
    Insufficient security rights to shutdown this program

    This is a new installation of ifix.  Our current installation works as expected i.e. they can close the client.  I have copied over the security from the old to new, so it should work.  We have a viewall security group which has the workspace runtime application feature applied to it.  This is the group that normal users will have.  We also have an admin account that has all of the security features and if a user with this group is used they can close the client.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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