• Where do I configure the interval to create a LogFile on Cimplicity, I only found how to increase the number of rows adding a line in the log_names.cfg files, now I have 1 log file created every 12h can I have like 1 by hour?

    Thanks in advance for the help
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  • I need a new IC690ACC901 cable (SNP to RS232 cable) because my HE693SNP232R adapter don't work.
    Is it possible buy IC690ACC901 article (cable + HE693SNP232R adapter) or only HE693SNPCBL code are available from GE?

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  • DRowl1460572428

    unavailable points

    posted in CIMPLICITY
    When trying to enter a value in the CV of a Open Process face plate i get the following error.
    " The execution condition for this procedure contains unavailable points.  Would you like to execute the procedure anyway?"
    Any ideas on how to fix this?
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  • Is there any newer version of this catalog?

    Thank you in advance,
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    I received this link from GE a few weeks ago.
    GE's Industrial Solutions business is a subsidiary of General Electric . The GE brand and logo are trademarks of General Electric . © 2016
    General Electric . All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners . Specifications are subject to change without notice .
    4 .16  GFA406L
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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are new with GE and expertise with Siemens, Allen-Bradley. In GE we are trying to create a standard device blocks(AI,Valve, Motor) using Function blocks where we are passing some Input parameters, process and provide output. However we want to access the member parameters globally across the program, but it seems not to be possible with this editor, we have tried by assigning a bool array in Input parameter used for SCADA device level operation and want to use same array bits for logic development. But with this we would like to have a symbolic representation or atleast a description with each element of array. So in my FB I have provided description to each elements but when I assign a address to that input parameter like %M00500 it creates a array but doesn't copy description with it. 
    Please suggest for any possible way to acheive our task.

    Thanks in advance

    Harshal Shrivastav
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  • I need to test a scrolling register for several different values and need more than one AA block. I cannot get the fanout block to work as the additional target blocks are going off scan, but threr are no verify errors.

    I also tried to configure several AI blocks to read the same MODBUS source & generate the additional alarms that way. This arrangement fails similarly, with only the first AI chain executing.

    Anybody have any ideas?
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  • I am using an event to set a SIM register ON to capture an alarm state.
    When I try to use the operator acknowlege field in the Digital Alarm block, it cannot be checked, or it clears itself when I save abd close the block.
    What tag would be used to fill in the tag name and do I need to enter a tag name for the mouse click?
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