• Unable to find acad drawings for IC694CHS398 and IC694APU300.  Found all the other parts I was looking for in the "Downloads."  Are these drawings available.
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  • I need to analyze data from different physical variables (pressure, temperature, flow, etc ..) in a single trend. Each variable must have its Y axis customized to allow proper process analysis. I have not found a way to customize the scale of the historical or real trend chart.
    Add an expression might be a way out, but it would be a lot of work.
    Does anyone know an easier way?
    Is there another tool that offers this feature in RTIP?
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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to read the iFIX Historical data using an OPC HDA Client?  We just recently upgraded from iFIX 3.5 to iFIX 5.5.  Do I need the EDA Toolkit or the iFIX Historical Data Access Toolkit?  Is there another method to make these historical data files available via OPC HDA?

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  • I'm experiencing slow point updates on a Cimplicity 9.0 project. Info on setup:

    -Redundant server PCs with 4 viewer PCs
    -About 1200 points
    -Communicating with RX7i PLC using S90_Triplex protocol

    With only one viewer running, the points update much faster. The update rate slows down significantly as each additional viewer is started. With 4 viewers running, points are updating only once every 1-2 seconds with the scan rate set to 20 ticks (0.2 seconds). I was thinking it may be due to lack of RAM in the server PCs (they have 4GB each), but when monitoring the system performance the RAM usage is only about 50%, and CPU usage is about 5%. If I stop the project, RAM usage remains around 50%. I already tried reducing the screen cache from 8 to 0 and this had no effect.
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  • I have an installation with two SCADA iFIX 5.8 with enhanced failover and Historian 6.0 Server.
    In both SCADA I have installed OPC A&E Server and iFIX AE Collector in redundant mode. Apparently everything works properly, in the Historian client I can view alarms, but in the OPCAELog_ddmmaaaa.txt file after the message "Starting application in UI mode" continuously appears the warning "Error Deactivating". I do not know if this warning is important and how can I fix this error.
    Thanks for your attention.
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  • This thread is to provide a consolidated space for concerns and suggestions regarding the community.
    We have received good feedback so far and want to keep the conversation going in one place.  Here is a summary of some of those comments.
    No email notifications when someone answers my question – This has been resolved.
    Error caused when trying to copy and paste into posts – I would like some feedback to confirm this is now working.

    Others we are evaluating and working on –
    Ability to see which product that a question is posted to.
    Ability to see which product area of the community you are in.
    Expanded drop down box for selecting product when posting a question.
    Issues with posting images.
    Please continue to post your questions and comments here.  Also be sure to follow this thread in order to keep up with what is going on.
    Note: This thread resides in the Agent portion of the community.
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