• Trying to generate a report of alarms where the Endtime is greater than 24 hours past the Starttime.
    Tried ((endtime - starttime) > 24h) .  Resulting query does not reflect that the equation works.

    The whole query is : SELECT Source, Starttime, EndTime, FROM IHALARMS  where (alarmtype= "Alarms") and (starttime > '2/14/2016') and (starttime < '2/15/2016') and (Endtime > Starttime) and ((Endtime - Starttime) > 24h) ORDER BY alarmid

    Any Help appreciated!
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  • For over a year now, our entire company has been utilizing the ProficySCADA app on our Android phones. All of our phones have been running "Lollipop" (Android version 5.0) and everything has worked great.

    Recently our phones have begun receiving an OS update bumping them up to "Marshmallow" (Android version 6.0). Now when we attempt to connect, it immediately kicks back to the app's start screen (that shows the list of hosts). The app launches just fine. But we can no longer connect to any host. This only happens on the phones that have updated to Marshmallow. Phones still running Lollipop can still connect just fine.

    My question is: are there plans on pushing out an update for the ProficySCADA app? Or is there a newer version of Webspace we need to be running?

    Our current Webspace box is running 4.7, and iFix 5.8

    Thanks for any help or feedback.
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    Does 8132-AI-UN provide 24Volts for AI?

    posted in PAC8000 Workbench
    Dear All,

    I have universal AI card 8132-AI-UN with PAC8000 controller. I want to connect my pressure transmitter with AI channel but the AI channel of 8132-AI-UN is not producing 24 volts for field transmitter. I have check all voltages/ supplies for io rack and controller rack they are ok.

    In 8000 io confiugrator settings of AI card I see a setting With Excitation/Without Excitation, Does this option enable the channel to produce 24 volts for 4/20mA transmitter.

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