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ERROR: 'CIMPLICITY database creation failed.'


While installing CIMPLICITY 9.0 the following error message occurs:

"Error: SQLExpress Database engine installed successfully.
CIMPLICITY database creation failed."


This error indicates that the Microsoft SQL Server installation completed successfully, but the creation of the default database (called CIMPLICITY) failed.

There are two different methods to fix this by recreating the database:

Method 1 - Recreation of Database via CreateDB Script

  1. Copy the createDB.sql located on the CIMPLICITY 9.0 Installation DVD to a temporary folder such as C:\temp
    The createDB.SQL file is located at the following location on the CIMPLICITY 9.0 Media
  2. Open up a command prompt and navigate to the folder you copied the file to earlier (i.e. C:\temp)
  3. Run the following command in the command prompt:
    sqlcmd.exe -E -S (local)\CIMPLICITY -i "createDB.sql"
    and then press <ENTER>
  4. You should receive feedback such as the following (which indicates a success in creating the CIMPLICITY database):

    C:\temp>sqlcmd.exe -E -S (local)\CIMPLICITY -i "createDB.sql"
    SQL Server Data Log Path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.CIMPLICITY\MSSQL\data\CIMPLICITY_log.ldf
    SQL Server Data Path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.CIMPLICITY\MSSQL\data\CIMPLICITY.mdf
    (1 rows affected)

At this point the database has been created properly.

Method 2 - Recreation of Database via SQL Management Studio

  1. Install the Microsoft SQL Server Express Management Studio
    The installer for this can be found on the CIMPLICITY 9.0 Installation Media:
    Note: The installation of this can be somewhat complicated - please look to a tutorial from Microsoft on how to install this.
  2. Once the SQL Server Management studio is installed the following can be done:
    1. Start the SQL Server Management studio via Start->Microsoft SQL Server 2012->SQL Server Management Studio
    2. When it opens then click the Connect button (it should already have the local server name selected (i.e. COMPUTER\CIMPLICITY), and Windows Authentication enabled)
    3. When it connects, on the left hand pane right click on the "Databases" folder
    4. From the right click menu select "New Database"
    5. On the New Database dialog change the Database name to "CIMPLICITY" then click OK.

This should then create the default CIMPLICITY database.