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IC693DNM200 - Series 90-30 DeviceNet Master

Important Product Information and Revision History

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  • GFK2194G IC69xDNM200 IPI.pdf

    Posted: 6/11/2018

    GFK-2194G, IPI for IC694DNM200-CC RoHS Conversion. No changes to features, performance or compatibility

  • GFK2194F IC69xDNM200 IPI.pdf

    Posted: 9/10/2014

    GFK-2194F, IPI for IC693DNM200-CD & IC694DNM200-BB; IPI rev F adds hardware installation guidance and restrictions

  • gfk2194E.pdf

    Posted: 8/25/2011

    IC693DNM200-CD, IC694DNM200-BB, DeviceNet Master: Label change. No change to features, performance or compatibility.

  • gfk2194D.pdf

    Posted: 7/13/2006

    IC693DNM200-BD, IC694DNM200-AB, DeviceNet Master

  • gfk2194C.pdf

    Posted: 7/13/2006

    IC693DNM200-BC, IC694DNM200-AA, DeviceNet Master