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IC695ALG6xx, RX3i Non-Isolated Analog Input Modules (GFK-2372)

Description, specifications, release history and field wiring for Non-Isolated Analog Input modules IC695ALG608, ALG616, ALG626, and ALG628. Modules ALG626 and ALG628 provide HART 5.0 communications capability on each channel.

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  • GFK-2372N_RX3i_ALG6xx.pdf

    Posted: 12/13/2017

    IC695ALG608-HF, IC695ALG616-JF, IC695ALG626-HF, IC695ALG628-HF: v2.10 - corrects condition where alarm faults and interrupts may not trigger and adds the v2.09 fix into the ALG608, ALG616, and ALG628 modules. Also corrects a FW upgrade issue on the ALG616.

  • GFK-2372M_RX3i_ALG626_V209.pdf

    Posted: 9/28/2017

    IC695ALG626-HE: v2.09 - corrects PCI backplane interface bug that rarely returned false data of all 0's

  • GFK2372L_RX3i_ALG6xx.pdf

    Posted: 12/1/2015

    IC695ALG608-HD, IC695ALG616-HD, IC695ALG626-HD, IC695ALG628-HD: v2.08 - fixes point fault not set on open wire detect and several contact operation issues

  • GFK2372K_RX3i_ALG6xx_20140618.pdf

    Posted: 12/9/2014

    IC695ALG608-HC, IC695ALG626-HC, IC695ALG628-HC: v2.06 - fixes wrong device ID issue to RX3i PNS and CEP modules