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PACSystems RX3i CPUs, IC695CPE310 (GFK-2713)

Product information and release history for IC695CPE310

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  • GFK-2713AE_IC695CPE310_ADBD_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/22/2019

    IC695CPE310-ADBD IPI: Firmware Release 9.96 resolves the issues found in the Problems Resolved section.

  • GFK-2713AD_IC695CPE310_ADBC_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 11/22/2019

    IC695CPE310-ADBC: Applied patches for VxWorks Urgent/11 vulnerabilities and made additional security enhancements to the IC695CPE302, CPE305, & CPE310 to harden the products against an attacker. Updated OPC UA Stack and Certificate Management for OPC UA Connections. Added supports for updated OPC UA stack with server and application authentication via certificate management beginning with FW R9.90, PAC Machine Edition (PME) 9.50 SIM 16 (SIM 17 required for CPE310), and PAC Security. PME now has a GUI management interface for OPC UA configuration integrated (start, stop, restart, clear, and provisioning mode, etc.). The new PAC Security tool is available to manage certificate trust for clients and servers.

  • GFK-2713AC_IC695CPE310-ACBB_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 4/26/2019

    IC695CPE310-ACBB IPI; FW Rel 9.75

  • GFK-2713AB_IC695CPE310-ACBA_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 9/18/2018

    IC695CPE310-ACBA IPI; FW Rel 9.65

  • GFK-2713AA_IC695CPE310-ACAZ_IPI.pdf

    Posted: 2/12/2018

    IC695CPE310-ACAZ Firmware Version 9.40. Effective with this firmware update, it is now possible to uniquely identify remote PROFINET IO faults recorded in the IO Fault Table by Remote Rack, Remote Slot, Remote SubSlot, and Device ID.