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PACSystems RX3i System Manual, GFK-2314

System description, module specifications and installation instructions for IC695xxxxxx PACSystems RX3i products.

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  • GFK-2314T_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 9/16/2019

    GFK-2314T: Addition of ETM001-Kxxx Updates with regard to FW9.90

  • GFK-2314S_RX3i_SystemManual.pdf

    Posted: 7/23/2018

    GFK-2314S: • Addition of IC695CPL410 (new CPU module) • Addition of IC695PNS101 (PNS module for RX3i Sequence of Events) • Updated power loadings for CPE330/CPE310/CPE305/CPE302, • Updated power loadings for PNC001 & PNS001 which have two hardware versions.