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GFK-2348 PACSystems RX3i Universal Analog Module, IC695ALG600 (GFK-2348)

Description, specifications, release history and field wiring for RX3i module IC695ALG600. Module provides eight general purpose input channels and two Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) channels. Inputs are divided into two equal groups of four. This module must be used with a PACSystems RX3i CPU Rev 2.8 or later. It requires a PACSystems RX3i high-density terminal block, available separately.

  • Attached Files

  • GFK-2348L_IC695ALG600_IPI_v2.pdf

    Posted: 7/7/2017

    GFK-2348L, Universal Analog Input Module IC69ALG600-EE, Firmware version 2.00

  • gfk2348J.pdf

    Posted: 6/19/2014

    IC695ALG600-DD, added this module to PACSystems RX3i Profinet Scanner

  • gfk2348h.pdf

    Posted: 11/5/2012

    IC695ALG600-DD, Firmware version 1.14, Corrected power requirements spec.

  • gfk2348G.pdf

    Posted: 1/11/2011

    IC695ALG600-DD, Firmware version 1.14, Improved terminal block detection