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Historian Standard 6.0 SP1 SIM 9

** Please note, this is not the most current SIM/SP for this version

Brief Description

General update to Historian 6.0 SP1 Standard.  Please note, this SIM is cumulative for all previous SIM's on 6.0 SP1.

  • 00399329 Restoring an archive from backup was creating an additional IHA file with _1 in filename
  • 00398928 Historian Admin Shutting down with 'Error Instantiating Archives Object' when using the non web admin on a Enterprise Mirrored system and the set of IHAs does not match on both nodes
  • 00386956,00402782,00406625 Any query with end time in the future will get good quality intervals from the current time to the archive end time when using time based archives
  • 00405138 Using the Client Access API to start a manual recalc was ignored.
  • 00423157 Client Access API programs consume an extra CAL
  • 00416408 Upgrade of a 5.5 system with exes on non C drive to 6.0 standard continues running the 5.5 EXEs
  • 00420441 Config Manager deadlock on tag browse and tag subscribe at startup in large tag count system
  • 00383176 LogTool does not place Client Manager or Configuration Manager in Debug
  • 00393298 S2S Collector on Enterprise does not send alarms to destination
  • 00419771 Alarms are lost during store and forward
  • 00430906 Client Manager Crash on AddRef after looking up datastore
  • 00431538 Audit trail messages not working after converting enterprise to standard
  • 00425487 Data Archiver crash on queue counter divide by zero after 4 billion reads
  • DE16670 Password characters should not be shown in admin UI for persisted username and password


Installation instructions can be found in the Release document.

Download Link:  Please contact support to obtain a copy of the SIM